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This guide stores information and resources related to infodemiology

The Department of Evidence of Intelligence for Action in Health of the Pan American Health Organization, in collaboration with the Center for Health Informatics of the University of Illinois


High-quality health information and skills to locate evidence are important to the health education profession. This is apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic where misinformation (infodemiology) arose as a challenge. Recent events highlight the need for public health professionals skilled in combatting misinformation but also in understanding the need for evidence in their daily practice. 
Presenters introduce the importance of using high-quality health information resources for evidence-based health education in the infodemiology community. Learn about the concepts of infodemiology and infodemic and why they are important in the field of health education. 
This is a two-part hands-on workshop. In the first part of this workshop, participants will learn through numerous exercises how to find high-quality information that they can put to use in health education practice. In the second part of the workshop, participants break into virtual breakout rooms and discuss proven strategies that can be put into practice.

Learning objectives: 
1. Define infodemiology and infodemic, and describe their significance in health education practice.

2. Locate literature about infodemic management and health communication using PubMed features.

3. Locate evidence-informed tools and demonstrate their use to locate policies and/or programs to improve community health. 

4. Translate audience research findings to shape health education messages and outreach. 

5. Describe best practices for health education and outreach materials design and content. 

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