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Digital Scholarship Retreat

Monday and Tuesday, May 13 and 14, 2019 in Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

Before the Retreat

Prior to the Retreat, we ask that participants please do the following.


Register with Hathi Trust
Prior to Tuesday’s session entitled “Introduction to Text Analysis and Hathi Trust,” please sign up for a Hathi Trust Research Center Analytics (HTRC Analytics) account. Sign Up here:


Reflection: What is Digital Humanities?
Visit this site to explore several ways that practitioners define term “digital humanities” via this online definition generator. Refresh the page to get new definitions and new perspectives. Questions to consider: What does “digital humanities” or even “digital scholarship” mean to you?


Reading: “How Not to Teach Digital Humanities” by Ryan Cordell
Read this essay in the open-access edition of Debates in the Digital Humanities. In it, Cordell considers ways to effectively integrate innovative digital pedagogy into the classroom.


Reading: “Chapter 27: Digital Humanities" by Miriam Posner
Recommended reading for an overview of what "Digital Humanities" is or means for scholarship.  This discussion is embedded in a larger work dedicated to media studies, but Posner provides a very nice section on the history of digital humanities that I would recommend to everyone who is not already familiar with it and the following section on Modes and Terminology that help explain the layers of a digital project (for any discipline or topic), and finally a good case example that reveals the decision-making process and explains the choices made.




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