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Digital Scholarship Retreat 2019

Monday and Tuesday, May 13 and 14, 2019 in Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

Using Visualization Tools in the Classroom

Build a Digital Timeline


Using Online Exhibits in the Classroom

Request an exhibit and creator account:

Tell us a bit about your project and how it will be used (class project, independent exhibit, storytelling with maps, etc.)



Getting Started Guide

DIY Digital: Classroom and Exhibit Applications

In our DIY session, we (your facilitators, Felipe and Chris) will begin with a brief show-and-tell talking about some of the ways that we incorporated digital materials and use of the MakerSpace lab into the classroom and in library sessions and exhibits.  We will bring the materials we created and show attendees how they work and briefly talk about what we did to create these materials, how well the implementation worked, and what the challenges were and still exist.  For attendees, we only ask that if you have specific materials, topics, or courses that you think could be enhanced with a digital component or exercise and would like to use our session to explore the possibilities further, please feel free to bring your ideas, objects, printed material, or Internet links.

Below are some of the readings used to inspire what we did:

Below are links to our online exhibits:

Here are some digital projects that have most impressed me:

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