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COLQ-4013-01 Honors Thesis Boot Camp

This guide is intended to demystify The Library and to point students in Dr. Chaffee's Spring 2021 Honors Thesis Boot Camp to the many resources, tools, and services available that will aid and support their research.

"Research in scholarly and professional fields is a discursive practice in which ideas are formulated, debated, and weighed against one another over extended periods of time. Instead of seeking discrete answers to complex problems, experts understand that a given issue may be characterized by several competing perspectives as part of an ongoing conversation in which information users and creators come together and negotiate meaning. Experts understand that, while some topics have established answers through this process, a query may not have a single uncontested answer."


Questions to ponder:

  • Who gets to participate in the scholarly conversation?
  • Who is the scholarly conversation for?
  • What is the value of the scholarly conversation?
  • Are there conversations that are equally or even more valuable for helping us understand and shape our world that happen outside the scholarly realm?
  • Is there space for a more open, inclusive approach to scholarly meaning-making?
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