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Citation Management in the Health Sciences: A Guide

A resource guide to provide advice and assistance with EndNote and RefWorks.

New ProQuest RefWorks


RefWorks is a web-based citation and bibliographic management tool that allows you to save and organize your citations as you research. Each reference can be extensively annotated to make the writing process easier. RefWorks works with our existing library database subscriptions to make a seamless transition between researching and writing. RefWorks functions with Microsoft Word and other word processors to create footnotes, citations and a bibliography for your paper, formatted into the correct style (MLA, APA, Chicago Style, etc.). In addition, RefWorks is available to you after you graduate using your alumni account.


Legacy Users

Details on migrating your records from RefWorks (Legacy) to RefWorks (New) are forthcoming and will soon be included on this guide. At this point, we encourage active RefWorks (Legacy) users to continue using the existing interface for ongoing projects. Both interfaces will be available for users during the Transition Period, which will last through 2017.

RefWorks Legacy

RefWorks an online citation management tool for Tulane faculty, staff, students and alumni.  

RefWorks is in transition. The legacy version is still available and will be until at least 2018.  Users should consider a number of factors before deciding when to transition from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks. This is a one-way migration, meaning reference changes will not migrate back to legacy from new RefWorks.

Some functionality may be missing new New RefWorks. -- You may set up a New Refworks account and use both the Legacy and New versions at the same time.  Documents created with Write-n-Cite/ProQuest for Word using Legacy RefWorks can't be modified with New RefWorks, and vice-versa.   If you are starting a project that will continue beyond early 2018, consider using EndNote basic, New RefWorks or another citation management option.  

ATTENTION MAC USERSWrite-N-Cite for Mac does NOT work with Word 2016 at this time. 

Make sure to verify Java is installed on your computer BEFORE BEGINNING INSTALLATION OF WRITE N CITE - Mac OX 10.9 and 10.10 users must download Java 6 from Apple's support site replacing any previously installed versions:

For more information see: New RefWorks: Using Write-N-Cite for Microsoft Word to Write and Format Your Paper-

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