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Population Studies

Aspects of population studies including migration, birth and death rates, aging, natural resource planning and development studies

Off campus login (trouble shooting)

In order to access licensed resources, such as electronic journals or databases you must be on the Tulane network (129.81*.*).  The hospitals, clinics  and some corporate sites may not be on this IP and may have firewalls preventing access.

Off campus: for any subscription library resource, log in with your Tulane Technology Account (email user name and password) Certain sites on campus such as: Gibson, Proxy use the username with out "")

Note: EndNote basic (online, cloud access) - create your own username and password (TU email is suggested) 

Note: RefWorks - TU email required to register 

Note: Interlibrary loan - log in with your Tulane Technology Account (email user name and password)

Note: My Account (Library Catalog) - log in with your Tulane Technology Account (email user name and password) - Useful for book delivery from uptown campus and book renewals.

Call the Matas Library at 504-988-5155 for login assistance.

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