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Hogan Archive of New Orleans Music and New Orleans Jazz

A research guide and general overview of Hogan Archive collections and other helpful research resources for the study of the musical culture of New Orleans.


The Hogan Archive has over 2,000 reels of taped interviews with written transcripts - the largest collection of jazz oral history extant. While these interviews remain at the heart of the Archive's collections, other valuable primary source materials are available to researchers, including manuscript collections, local business records, and vertical files.

Oral histories

The oral history finding aid lists the oral histories in alphabetical order by the last name of interviewee. Digital transfers from the original reel-to-reel tapes have been made for most of the interviews, and can be listened to via the Music Rising at Tulane website.

Transcripts, digests, and notes are also available for most of the interviews:

Transcripts are word-for-word renderings of the interview, allowing a patron to read along as the tape is played. The Archives undertook a multi-year cross-indexing project, whereby all the information pertaining to personal names, place names, and band names were collected.

Digests represent a more coherent, albeit abbreviated version of the interview. All the highlights are present, while the casual remarks have been left out. Most of the hard copies available are in the digest format.

Usually, upon completion of an interview, notes were compiled on persons and bands mentioned during the talk. These notes are rough outlines, of only limited value to the researcher.

Vertical files

The Archive keeps extensive files on people, bands, discography, and a wide variety of subjects. Files contain newspaper clippings, correspondence, cross-reference forms, journal articles, and other ephemera and memorabilia, as well as public documents and official records. For assistance with vertical files, ephemera, and additional materials, please email


American Federation of Musicians Local 174-496

The American Federation of Musicians (AF of M) Local 174-496 collection includes records from the local African American chapter, the Local 496; and from the Local 174, which served white musicians in the city until the two chapters merged in 1969. 


Collections in ArchivesSpace

Searchable finding aids for processed collections are available via Tulane University Special Collections on ArchivesSpace.



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