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MATAS 101. Introduction to Finding Health Science Library Resources and Materials: A Guide

A basic introduction to finding health science articles and books as well as explain library services to new users of the Matas Library.


OvidSP - Expert Searches

OvidSP Personal Account

Create a personal account in OvidSP to utilize expert searches developed by the Matas Library.

Go to "My Account" in the top right hand corner of the OvidSP webpage:
Create a new Personal Account with Personal Account Name you choose.

•Please note that Personal Account names and passwords are case-sensitive.

Ovid EBM Filters

Choose to filter your ovid search by Diagnosis, Etiology, Meta-analysis, Prognosis or Therapy
OvidSP Expert Searches

About Ovid

OvidSP provides a different search interface for MEDLINE.  It is the same basic data as PubMed, although there may be some newer items in PubMed.  OvidSP also provides several full text journals, e-books and the health science databases Global Health and Ovid HealthStar. 

Ovid Databases

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