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Intermediate Concepts in Python: Conditions and Iteration

This guide was created for those interested in increasing their Python programming knowledge. This guide is best for those who have some familiarity with basic concepts in Python.

Downloading Anaconda Navigator

This demonstration will be executed using Jupyter Notebook from Anaconda Navigator. Follow the instructions below to download Anaconda Navigator. 

  • Step 3: Once ANACONDA NAVIGATOR has been downloaded, open the application, find the JUPTYER NOTEBOOK icon, and click launch. 

Step 4: Launching JUPYTER NOTEBOOK will open a new tab in your web browser. Once this tab opens, select NEW. From this dropdown menu, select PYTHON 3. This will open the coding environment you will need to execute Python.

Navigating Jupyter Notebook

The screenshot below provides a basic overview of the Jupyter Notebook interface. For more information on this integrated development environment (IDE), visit the following link: Project Jupyter | Home

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