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Classical Studies Collection Policy

Acquisitions Sources

Book plans with GOBI, Amalivre, Casalini libri, and Otto Harrassowitz regularly provide materials according to profiles established for each plan. Journal subscriptions and standing orders for monographic series are established with these vendors and with EBSCO. In addition to these vendors, firm orders are placed with European and U.S. publishers of materials on classical studies and ancient history, with Amazon (particularly to fulfill rush requests), or, when necessary, with out-of-print book dealers.

Selection Tools

Faculty, student, and staff requests; reviews in in ChoiceReviews online and the Bryn Mawr Classical Review online, as well as, occasionally, in journals such as The Journal of Hellenic Studies, The Journal of Roman Studies, Gnomon, American Journal of Archaeology, Classical Review, and Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Endowed Funds

Class of 04 (formerly Many) fund: classics. Touro fund: Greek and Roman classics, ancient history.

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