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GCHB 6750 Population Nutrition Assessment

United States Health Surveys

Global Health Surveys

ERIC - survey publication types

ERIC Limit - PUblication Type - Tests/instruments

Limit to Tests & Questionnaires using the Publication Type search option in ERIC

Surveys in EMBASE

Embase - filter by study type

Filter search results by Study type to view various data collection methods used, such as questionnaires. 

Surveys in CINAHL


Finding Surveys and Questionnaires

In some cases the actual questionnaire or survey is not published with the article, but referred to within the text.

In the bibliography, find the reference  to the survey or questionnaire itself, or to the original article where the instrument was published.

Search for the name of the instrument.

Some instruments are not free. They can be purchased from the developer.


Conduct an article search in a bibliographic database on the topic of interest and add in the keywords: survey* or questionnaire*

Survey terms and search strategies

Basic keyword search strategy for any database: Topic AND (survey OR instrument) AND (reliability OR validity OR development) 

Try evaluation studies as an "article type" limit

Surveys in PubMed@TU

  1. Surveys referred to within the text: PubMed
  2.  Medical Subiect Headings (MESH: the thesaurus database)
  3. Enter ‘survey’
  4. What is the indexed term, ‘Surveys or Questionnaires'
  5. Read the definition of the term to make sure it is correct for what you want to find (an article about a survey).
  6. Select the subheading for Standards 
  7. Add to Search Builder
  8. Find the term,  ‘flu’
  9. What is the indexed term? ‘Human Influenza
  10. Add to Search Builder box
  11. Search PubMed
  12. Locate an article about a survey
  13. Select ‘Display options’
  14. Change the default ‘Summary’ to ‘Abstract’
  15. Change the default “Most Recent’ to ‘Best Match’
  16. Scan the abstracts for any expression which describes a survey 
  17. HINT: Scroll to the MESH terms section and open. Notice the MESH terms used, an indication of why the article was found out of @30M
  18. Select article titles
  19. Open the Green TULink to read the article 

MultiDisciplinary Sources


Children and Adolescent Surveys

Social Science Surveys

Quality of LIfe Surveys

Psychological Tests

Education Tests

Family Planning and Reproductive Health Surveys

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