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Systematic Reviews

A guide for researchers beginning a systematic review or meta-analysis.

What are systematic reviews?

Tulane University Meta-Analysis Systematic Review Support (MARS) Program

Tulane Meta-Analysis Systematic Review Support (MARS) Program provides Tulane Scholars with assistance in conducting key components of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The goal is to promote scholarship and visibility of Tulane Scholars through increasing high impact publications and citations.

SR Questions and Answers

Answers to questions posed to the Systematic Review listserv of the Medlcal Library Association.

Difficult concepts in PubMed: Retrieving records about adult populations without using the PubMed age filter

Question: Is this correct:

Final Result NOT "child"[MeSH Terms]) NOT "adult"[MeSH Terms]

Answer: The parentheses are particularly important to find articles that have been indexed with Adult [MeSH Terms} alone, with both Adult and Children, or with no [MeSH Terms] (yet).

Below is the correct syntax.

Final Result NOT ("child"[MeSH Terms] NOT "adult"[MeSH Terms])

Or more complete:

Final Result NOT (("child"[MeSH Terms] OR "Infant"[MeSH Terms] OR "Adolescent"[MeSH Terms]) NOT "adult"[MeSH Terms])

This resembles the Final Result NOT (animals[MeSH Terms] NOT humans[MeSH Terms]) structure to find works about humans, not animals.

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