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ENGL 1010 - Kalos-Kaplan



This guide is a hub to help you find resources for your English 1010 research. It links out to other research guides and can be used as a quick method for scheduling an appointment with me, should you need to.

Michelle Gibeault, Humanities Librarian

Finding the "Perfect Source"

Defining Our Terms


Your success as a researcher will involve fluency with the following terms:

Library – A combination of spaces (physical, virtual), collections, and services (carework, maintenance).

Scholarly Article – A text that introduces some kind of new idea or perspective; usually written by a scholar/expert in the discipline.

Academic Journal – A community of experts who publish information (articles) about new discoveries and perspectives within their disciplines; A fancy academic magazine.

Peer Review – A quality control process conducted by volunteer academics to verify the accuracy of the information in a new article.

Reference Entry – An article within an encylcopedia or dictionary.

Book Chapter – An excerpt of a larger volume, sometimes with a distinct author, often also more  comprehensible to undergraduates than research articles.

Database – A digital collection of information structured to be searched.

Research Guide – A website created by a librarian to help you find resources.

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