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Teach Anywhere Using Digital Course Materials

A library guide to creating and providing accessible digital course materials for online teaching and learning.

From Word

To create an accessible PDF from a Microsoft Word document, follow these steps: 

  • Before you export to PDF, ensure your Word document is accessible.
  • Do not print to PDF. This method will not preserve accessibility.
  • Instead:
    • Go to File > “Save As…”
    • Select PDF as your export format from the file format choices provided. 

From Google Docs

Within your Google Docs document: click File > Download and select "PDF Document (.pdf)”

Scanner in your pocket

In situations where you need to digitize a source and don't have access to a dedicated scanner you can use a scanning app on your mobile device to scan documents into PDFs. One such app is Adobe Scan which is compatible with Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Scan app

The Adobe Scan mobile app turns your mobile device into a scanning and text recognition tool that quickly captures and converts papers and whiteboards into searchable high-quality Adobe PDFs. Adobe Scan automatically applies optical character recognition (OCR) to your document and converts it to a fully editable copy of your PDF.

The app works with the Adobe Document Cloud which is free to sign up for and provides 2GB of storage. Sync your files to Adobe Document Cloud and get instant access across desktop, mobile, and web.

Adobe Scan app also works with the Acrobat Reader mobile app for viewing and working with PDFs. With the free app, you can fill, sign, annotate, highlight, and search text from PDFs created in Adobe Scan.

Both the Adobe Scan and Acrobat Reader app are available on Android and iOS.

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