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ENGL 1010 - Smith

Look for Articles with Articles+

Use Articles+, Filter for Peer-Review, Look for New Search Terms

If you want to find out about recent discoveries that will be published in research articles, from, first select Articles+ from the drop-down menu. Once you have some results, you can filter these to articles that come from peer-reviewed journals, which means that other scholars have vetted the quality and merit of the scholarship.

After an initial search, the term "agoraphobia" emerges as one that might be worth investigating further. After a new search using that term, I'm able to locate some articles discussing the use of computer applications for coping with agoraphobia. I'll need to read the abstracts and perhaps the articles themselves to learn how these insights influence my understanding of the problem before proceeding. The authors of the articles, who are individuals researching this problem, may have published other work as well, so I might conduct a search of a given author's name to see what other research they have conducted.


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