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SISE 2010

A library guide supporting coursework in Introduction to Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Your Librarian

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Sean Knowlton
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, 6th Floor

Today's Session

Your research project explores a social/environmental problem related to your team's systems map proposal. It is a culmination of in-class activities and assignments that are developing strategies for researching and understanding the impacts and causes of a social/environmental problem that you see in the world.

Today's session is to help you connect your arguments to scholarship and evidence. We will briefly consider how to identify, evaluate, incorporate, and provide attribution for empirical research and information about the problem from rigorous academic sources. 

Your goal for the individual annotated bibliography is to 

  • find at least 5 high-quality research sources
    (3 peer-reviewed empirical journal articles and 2 other authoritative sources)
  • acknowledge the scholarly conversation by citing those sources using APA style

Your Goals

  1. Utilize online databases available via Tulane University Libraries.
  2. Differentiate peer review articles, other authoritative sources, and popular sources of information.
  3. Identify research limitations and potential bias in peer-reviewed research and other authoritative sources.
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