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MATAS 101. Introduction to Finding Health Science Library Resources and Materials: A Guide

A basic introduction to finding health science articles and books as well as explain library services to new users of the Matas Library.

Video tutorial: Off Campus Library Access

Off-Campus Authentication - Transition from Proxy to OpenAthens

All subscription resources prompt for your Tulane Technology Account credentials when accessing off campus from the library website. Enter your TU username (without and email password to access the resource. 

Please note: UpToDate is only available in select buildings by Hospital license & is not available off-campus.

Off campus login - Proxy screen

Off campus access requires uses your TU username (without and password. 

Proxy Page Image

Off campus login (trouble shooting)

In order to access licensed resources, such as electronic journals or databases you must be on the Tulane network (129.81*.*).  The hospitals, clinics  and some corporate sites may not be on this IP and may have firewalls preventing access.

Off campus: for any subscription library resource, log in with your Tulane Technology Account (email user name and password) Certain sites on campus such as: Gibson, Proxy use the username with out "")

Note: EndNote basic (online, cloud access) - create your own username and password (TU email is suggested) 

Note: RefWorks - TU email required to register 

Note: Interlibrary loan - log in with your Tulane Technology Account (email user name and password)

Note: My Account (Library Catalog) - log in with your Tulane Technology Account (email user name and password) - Useful for book delivery from uptown campus and book renewals.

Call the Matas Library at 504-988-5155 for login assistance.

Common Proxy Problems

Common problems in authenticating with the Tulane Proxy server

1. Firewall issue

If users are signing in from a corporation, such as a hospital, the company’s IT department will need to allow access through to the proxy server. The server IP is: and the ports that they need to allow access to are ports 2048 and 2443. Try to authenticate from another location such as home or a coffee shop, somewhere not on a corporate network. The proxy server makes it look like you are using a computer on the Tulane network. 

2. Using the appropriate userid and password.

Login with your email username and password. Do not use the in the (off-campus - proxy) login.

3. A few resources do not allow Proxy Access.

Up-to-Date is licensed by building, and is available in the hospitals under the HCA license and in the School of Medicine Buildings by the School of Medicine License. The license to Up-to-Date does not allow off-campus or proxy access. Access availability depends on the building.

All the technology passwords and proxy server are managed by the Tulane IT Department. Problems can be reported to Tulane Technology Services:

Via Instant Answers - Online Knowledgebase-

Via Phone
Uptown: (504) 862-8888 or ext. 2-8888
Downtown: (504) 988-8888 or ext. 8-8888

Via E-mail:

Via Live Chat and Online Request:

Distance learning and Interlibrary loan

We can scan our print material and either send the document as an attachment, or ask you to sign in to ILLiad to retrieve it under “View/Download Electronic Articles”.

If you need a specific book chapter, we can scan a limited number of book pages for you.

We can ship our books to you, but we can not borrow a book from another library and ship it.

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