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Library Search Upgrade -- July 8, 2021

(A Newer) Library Search


image of My Favorites in Library Search


Before July 8th, you can export your saved records, or as they're called in Library Search, your "favorites."

"Saved Searches" will not migrate however, and if you want to hold on to those, see the advice about taking screenshots of them.

After July 8th, links in Canvas courses and syllabi will also need to be updated and will always begin with

A short background on these changes: in spring 2021, Tulane University Libraries announced the need to transition from the Voyager Integrated Library System to the Alma Library Services Platform. On July 8, new software will also power Library Search -- Primo VE will replace Primo Classic. Primo VE is built on modern, cloud-based technology and will offer Tulane users more intuitive searching of the libraries' collections. In addition to simplifying access on the back-end, the responsive layout better supports accessing library materials with small-screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets. 

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