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HINARI: A Guide: CCREOH Information Skill Workshops 2018

Information resources to support CCREOH students

Designing a literature review based on a rigorous research question or hypothesis

Part 1 January 11, 2018

PICO Worksheets

The PICO Worksheet document helps you frame a clinical question using the PICO model.

PDF, Word and PPT versions.

About EBM

Part 2 February 22, 2018

All instruction content and resources are on the HINARI Guide below.

Database structure/Literature searching in PubMed via HINARI

Please review this article sent by Dr. Lichtveld on February 16:

Fiolet, T., Srour, B., Sellem, L., Kesse-Guyot, E., Alles, B., Mejean, C., . . . Touvier, M. (2018). Consumption of ultra-processed foods and cancer risk: Results from NutriNet-sante prospective cohort. BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.), 360, k322. 10.1136/bmj.k322 [doi]

Examine this search to understand how to locate the article and ones like it

breast neoplasms[MeSH Terms] OR neoplasms[MeSH Terms]) AND diet, food, and nutrition[MeSH Terms]) AND Touvier[Author]

Resources to locate the evidence

In each resource, there are some which are international in scope. is a U.S.-centric resource, but has valuable resources.

Part 3: 3. Citation Management/Authorship skills

Resources for Literature and Guidelines



Mendeley is a desktop and web-based citation management tool. With it you can organize research materials, annotate PDFs, and create citations. You can also network with others researching in your discipline who are using Mendeley.