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GEHS 6540 Swift: Course Guide

GEHS 6540 - Occupational Health Services: A Matas Library Online Handout for professionals who work in occupational health and safety programs. Topics include occupational diseases, toxicology and other physical health hazards such as noise.

1. Are you familiar with PubMed?


1. Are you familiar with PubMed@TU?
Use it all the time!: 1 votes (33.33%)
Familiar with PubMed searching but not PubMed@TU.: 2 votes (66.67%)
Have never used PubMed.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 3

2. How do you generally locate full text electronic books or journals?

2. How do you generally locate full text electronic books or journals?
I have used TULink to locate full text articles from databases (like PubMed).: 1 votes (33.33%)
I have searched the Library website to locate books and journals by title.: 1 votes (33.33%)
I search Google and find full text information from books and journals.: 1 votes (33.33%)
I generally purchase books or journal articles.: 0 votes (0%)
I have trouble locating full text electronic books and journals.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 3

3. Are you familiar with Interlibrary Loan Services?


3. Are you Familiar with Interlibrary Loan Services?
I have used this service and know how to request what I need.: 0 votes (0%)
I have not used this service but I understand how to make requests for articles.: 2 votes (66.67%)
I do not know what Interlibrary Loan Service means.: 1 votes (33.33%)
Total Votes: 3
Experience with citation management
EndNote Online: 1 votes (33.33%)
EndNote 20 available to Tulane: 1 votes (33.33%)
RefWorks: 0 votes (0%)
Mendeley, Zotero or other citation manager...: 1 votes (33.33%)
Never used citation management tool online: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 3
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