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Community Health and Behavioral Science Research Guide

Resources for the study and practice of community health and behavior sciences and the GCHB Department at Tulane's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans

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Specialty Databases for Nutrition Research Topics

Nutrition articles can be difficult to find in PubMed. Search using this 'hedge' in the PubMed search box: “food OR foods OR beverages OR diet OR dietary OR vitamin OR vitamins OR nutrition OR nutritional OR nutrition disorders OR food industry OR nutritional physiological phenomena OR dietary fats OR dietary proteins OR feeding behaviour” 

To the above hedge, add a subject at the end

Full nutrition guide

See the full Nutrition subject guide for more ebooks, websites statistics and data sources.

Nutrition dictionaries and encyclopedias

These subject specific encyclopedias and dictionaries can be found in the Tulane Libraries.

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