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Community Health and Behavioral Science Research Guide

Resources for the study and practice of community health and behavior sciences and the GCHB Department at Tulane's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Introduction to Citations


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Citation Styles

Several Journals request that author's format their articles in a citation style specific for their Journal. Information regarding the specifics of citing in a Journals style will be found on the Journals webpage. RefWorks and EndNote may also have that Journal's citation style programmed which will make citations easier. Always verify any citations produced by a citation management with the citation guidelines from the Association or Journal where it is produced.  


Creating a Journal-Specific Reference using RefWorks

1. Login to your RefWorks account

2. Under Bibliography, select 'Output Style Manager'

3. Conduct a search for your Journal

4. Use the green arrow to send the selected journal style to Favorites

5. Close the box

6. The citation style is now saved. 



Creating a Journal-Specific Reference using EndNote Basic

1. Login to your Endnote web account

2. Under 'Format' select 'Bibliography'

3. Search for the (may be abbreviated) Journal

4. Select 'Copy to Favorites'

5. The citation style should now be saved 



Research and Citation Resources

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