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Community Health and Behavioral Science Research Guide

Resources for the study and practice of community health and behavior sciences and the GCHB Department at Tulane's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

EndNote X9

EndNote X9











Rudolph Matas Library of the Health Sciences is happy to announce that it has entered into a campus-wide site license agreement with Clarivate Analytics that gives all Tulane University users (students, staff, faculty, etc.) access to EndNote X9.

EndNote X9 is a comprehensive productivity tool for researchers—both online and off. The only tool of its kind, EndNote X9 makes managing research easy for anyone from the novice researcher publishing their first discovery to the senior professor writing a grant. It lets researchers find, store, and share work in the most efficient way possible, saving time and effort.

A.  Collect

  • Search hundreds of online resources to collect references and PDFs.
  • Import the PDFs you have on your computer.
  • Select the reference you want to find the full text for and let EndNote find them for you.
  • Easily find and fill in missing and incomplete information.
  • Automatically find and download full text by searching your subscriptions and full text freely available online.
  • New user interface and user experience with EndNote X8

B.  Collaborate: Share groups, references & documents

  • Invite users to work with you on the same library or group at the same time.
  • Share your research with colleagues and collaborate online.
  • Give others Read/Write access to add references to the groups you share.
  • Import the references from someone else's shared group into your library.
  • Share with up to 100 people with EndNote X8 or X9.
  • Activity log is now added to the shared library.

C.  Create: Your citations are instantly added as you write

  • Unlimited attachment + reference storage on both desktop and online platforms.
  • Change the styles in a document as many times as needed.
  • Format references for any project with 5000+ styles to use.
  • Create custom styles with style customization tools.

D.  From Anywhere: Access and manage your library from your desktop, online, & iPad

  • Accessible from Anywhere - Online access lets you manage your library from any computer.
  • Plenty of Storage. Unlimited. - More free storage space so all your PDFs and annotations are there when you need them.
  • Safe & Secure - Your work is backed up and stored for safe keeping in Thomson Reuters Data Center

EndNote X9 for Mac

* Tulane Authentication Required *

Mac users can simply download and install the "EndNoteX9SiteInstaller.dmg" file using the link below:



Compatibility and System requirements can here found here:

EndNote X9 for Windows

* Tulane Authentication Required *

Windows users must complete the following steps to install EndNote X9:

  1. Download the "EndNote X9 PC" file from the link below
  2. Right-click the ZIP file and click "Extract All"
  3. Extract all files from the ZIP archive to a location on your computer
  4. Run the "ENX9Inst.msi" installer file from the extracted folder. You must run the installer file from the extracted folder in order to install EndNote X9.

Download link:




Compatibility and System Requirements can be found here:

EndNote X9 Find Full Text

The "Find Full Text" feature maximizes chances that EndNote X9 can find all available PDF's for your references. Follow these steps to configure EndNote X9 for Tulane authentication:


1. Click Edit > Preferences

2. From the "EndNote Preferences" window, select "Find Full Text" on the left-hand side

3. Copy-and-paste or type the following In the "URL" box under "Authenticate with":

4. Click "Apply" and "OK" to close the window




You can now use the "Find Full Text" feature in EndNote X9. You will be asked to authenticate using your Tulane login credentials.

EndNote Basics eLearning Module

Hit the ground running with EndNote by completing the EndNote Basics eLearning module.  The lesson plan will provide library creation & management tips, walk through automatically capturing new references via Online Search and Direct Export, organizing library references with groups and group sets, PDF handling, duplicate detection & removal, finding reference updates, library syncing & sharing, and an overview of Cite While You Write. Tut the module also allows for real-time simulations, in which the learner can repeat the steps shown in a video segment to reinforce the learning objective better.  Visit the new LMS site to create a free account:


Inputting 'EndNote' into the Quick Enrollment Code field during the account creation process will automatically add the EndNote Basics module to your My Courses list.  

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