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Emerging Scholars Instructional Website: A Guide

This website provides weekly instructional guidance for Emerging Scholars


Project Title:


Here are assigned books.

Links to Websites

Here are links to assigned websites.



click on this link and then click on the COURSE OFFERINGS tab on the header.

Click on the Environmental Health category and then scroll down to the 0.1 General Environmental Health Course and click the link.

Click Enroll

Click on create new account.

Choose a username and password and fill out the demographics section

For higher education level achieved choose high school

For employment location choose Other

For employment setting choose Medically Underserved Community. (New Orleans fits this description)

For Job Role choose Environmental Health under the Public health heading.

Once you log in you can take the pretest and then watch the videos for each of the modules.

Take the exam again at the end and see how you do compared to your pretest.

Print out the result or save it as a digital file and hand it in or send it to me on Tuesday.



Here is a review article that contains the general methods that we will use. 

Journal and News Articles

Here you will find journal and current news articles related to the rotation.

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