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ENG 1010 - Markell

Writing and rhetoric guide for spring 2019

Why Are You Here?

Use today's class to:

  1. Explore facets of your research topic.
  2. Identify relevant books and articles (secondary scholarship).
  3. Collect information on your sources (citations, call numbers, locations, links).
  4. Incorporate academic approaches and tools into your research habits.

About your Research Essay

Today's research session is designed to support your scholarship as you work towards your research/argument essay about any issue covered in class, including the marketization of higher education, the debates about free speech, the persistence of sexual harassment amd political correctness, the influence of technology, as well as the broader social issues regarding class and inequality, race and policing, or gun control, and immigration.

Defining Terms


One key to your success as a researcher will involve fluency with the following terms: 


Library – A combination of spaces (physical, virtual), collections, and services (carework, maintenance).


Scholarly Article – A text that introduces some kind of new idea or perspective; usually written by a scholar/expert in the discipline.


Academic Journal – A community of experts who publish information (articles) about new discoveries and perspectives within their disciplines; A fancy academic magazine. 


Peer Review – A quality control process done by volunteer academics to verify the value of the information in a new article.


Reference Entry – An article within an encylcopedia or dictionary.


Book Chapter – An excerpt of a larger volume, sometimes with a distinct author, often also more  comprehensible to undergraduates than research articles. 


Database – A digital collection of information structured to be searched.


Research Guide – A website created by a librarian to help you find resources.

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