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ENG 1010 - Burns Library Guide

Writing and rhetoric course guide for English 1010 Writing

Why Are You Here?

Use today's class to:

  1. Explore facets of your research topic.
  2. Identify relevant books and articles (secondary scholarship).
  3. Collect information on your sources (citations, call numbers, locations, links).
  4. Incorporate academic approaches and tools into your research habits.

About your Research Essay

Today's research session is designed to support your scholarship as you work towards your Research Assignment on a topic related to war and violence.

  1. Present an argument that is proved by research
  2. For your thesis for the research paper, you MUST make an assertion about what you have found
  3. You must include five sources and at least one must be a peer-reviewed source
  4. This paper should be at least 5 full pages and no longer than 8 full pages.
  5. Use MLA citation style
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