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COVID-19 Research Guide

Tulane researchers in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, School of Medicine, National Primate Research Center, and Science and Engineering are addressing the disease on several fronts

PubMed Field Searching

Field identifiers are special codes used to search within a certain field of PubMed. Find out how to use them in the tutorial,

PubMed subject search: How it works 

Common fields used in broad searches are:

Automatic Term Mapping (ATM)

All Fields [ALL]:  Terms that do not map in ATM are searched in all search fields except for Place of Publication, Transliterated Title, Create Date, Completion Date, Entrez Date, MeSH Date, and Modification Date

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) or MeSH Terms [MH]

Create a My NCBI account

My NCBI retains user information and database preferences to provide customized services for many NCBI databases. It is fully integrated into PubMed: Save searches, organize your search results into collections, create bibliographies, remember previous search histories, and set up alerts for saved searches.

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