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COVID-19 Research Guide

Tulane researchers in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, School of Medicine, National Primate Research Center, and Science and Engineering are addressing the disease on several fronts

The Best Evidence Sources

Search Strategies

Copy and paste these search strategies into the search box:

PubMed (National Library of Medicine-a basic search):

(coronavirus OR “corona virus” OR coronavirinae OR coronaviridae OR betacoronavirus OR covid19 OR “covid 19” OR nCoV OR “CoV 2” OR CoV2 OR sarscov2 OR 2019nCoV OR  “novel CoV” OR “wuhan virus”) OR ((wuhan OR hubei OR huanan) AND (“severe acute respiratory” OR pneumonia) AND (outbreak))  OR “Coronavirus”[Mesh] OR “Coronavirus Infections”[Mesh] OR “COVID-19” [Supplementary Concept] OR “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” [Supplementary Concept] OR “Betacoronavirus”[Mesh]

The following are provided by CADTH


((Coronavirus[mh:noexp] OR Betacoronavirus[mh:noexp] OR Coronavirus Infections[mh:noexp]) AND (Disease Outbreaks[mh:noexp] OR Epidemics[mh:noexp] OR Pandemics[mh])) OR COVID-19 diagnostic testing [Supplementary Concept] OR COVID-19 drug treatment [Supplementary Concept] OR COVID-19 serotherapy [Supplementary Concept] OR COVID-19 vaccine [Supplementary Concept] OR spike glycoprotein, COVID-19 virus [Supplementary Concept] OR COVID-19 [Supplementary Concept] OR severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 [Supplementary Concept] OR nCoV[tiab] OR nCoV[tt] OR 2019nCoV[tiab] OR 2019nCoV[tt] OR 19nCoV[tiab] OR 19nCoV[tt] OR COVID19*[tiab] OR COVID19*[tt] OR COVID[tiab] OR COVID[tt] OR SARS-CoV-2[tiab] OR SARS-CoV-2[tt] OR SARSCOV-2[tiab] OR SARSCOV-2[tt] OR SARSCOV2[tiab] OR SARSCOV2[tt] OR Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2[tiab] OR Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2[tt] OR ((severe acute respiratory syndrome[tiab] OR severe acute respiratory syndrome[tt]) AND (corona virus 2[tiab] OR corona virus 2[tt])) OR new coronavirus[tiab] OR (new[tt] AND coronavirus[tt]) OR novel coronavirus[tiab] OR novel coronavirus[tt] OR novel corona virus[tiab] OR (novel[tt] AND corona virus[tt]) OR novel CoV[tiab] OR (novel[tt] AND CoV[tt]) OR novel HCoV[tiab] OR (novel[tt] AND HCoV[tt]) OR ((“19″[tiab] OR “19”[tt] OR “2019”[tiab] OR “2019”[tt] OR Wuhan[tiab] OR Wuhan[tt] OR Hubei[tiab] OR Hubei[tt]) AND (coronavirus*[tiab] OR coronavirus*[tt] OR corona virus*[tiab] OR corona virus*[tt] OR CoV[tiab] OR CoV[tt] OR HCoV[tiab] OR HCoV[tt])) OR ((coronavirus*[tiab] OR coronavirus*[tt] OR corona virus*[tiab] OR corona virus*[tt] OR betacoronavirus*[tiab] OR betacoronavirus*[tt]) AND (outbreak*[tiab] OR outbreak*[tt] OR epidemic*[tiab] OR epidemic*[tt] OR pandemic*[tiab] OR pandemic*[tt] OR crisis[tiab] OR crisis[tt])) OR ((Wuhan[tiab] OR Wuhan[tt] OR Hubei[tiab] OR Hubei[tt]) AND (pneumonia[tiab] OR pneumonia[tt]))


2019/10/31:3000/12/31[Date – Publication]

EMBASE Last edited: May 14, 2020

sars-related coronavirus/
(coronavirinae/ or betacoronavirus/ or coronavirus infection/) and (epidemic/ or pandemic/)
(nCoV* or 2019nCoV or 19nCoV or COVID19* or COVID or SARS-COV-2 or SARSCOV-2 or SARS-COV2 or SARSCOV2 or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2).ti,ab,kw,hw,ot.
((new or novel or “19” or “2019” or Wuhan or Hubei or China or Chinese) adj3 (coronavirus* or corona virus* or betacoronavirus* or CoV or HCoV)).ti,ab,kw,hw,ot.
((coronavirus* or corona virus* or betacoronavirus*) adj3 (pandemic* or epidemic* or outbreak* or crisis)).ti,ab,kw,ot.
((Wuhan or Hubei) adj5 pneumonia).ti,ab,kw,ot.
limit 7 to yr=”2019 -Current”

Open Access Repositories

Grey literature

Find reports, government documents, etc.


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