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Citation Management Tools

A guide to citation and bibliography management tools that help you collect, store, and organize your research.


EasyBib is an automatic citation creation tool. Use it to format your sources quickly and accurately.
NOTE: Recent corporate changes require an EasyBib Pro or EDU account to use APA and Chicago styles.

EasyBib EDU offers registered users additional benefits. If you already have an account, upgrade to EasyBib EDU. If new to EasyBib, register for an EasyBib EDU account today.

  • 59 different source types to cite
  • 7,000+ citation styles
  • Autocite feature
  • Easy to use forms and helpful hints
  • MLA, APA, and Chicago Citation Guides
  • Differentiate between a quote, paraphrase, and one’s own words
  • Share projects with others for feedback or to work on a bibliography together

Other Citation Generators

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