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ENGL 1010 - Smith

What kind of information do you need and where will you find it?

Search Techniques

Once you've found an article relevant to your information need, try these techniques to find additional related sources.

Locate Subject Headings (a.k.a. descriptors) on a relevant article.  These are index terms added to the article record to describe what it is about. Similar articles on the same topic will be indexed with the same subject heading or descriptor.

Examine bibliographies and citations for related sources. Citations are a map to the scholarly conversation between an author and other scholars in the field.

Search by author's name to see if that person has written other articles or books on the same topic. 

Repeat your search in another database to expand your research into other disciplines. Databases are collections of indexed journals and periodicals, and different databases provide access to different lists of journals.

Research Help

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