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Trials and Online Products under consideration for Tulane Health Sciences: Request a Trial

The Rudolph Matas Library is committed to providing evaluated and relevant electronic resources for the health sciences curriculum.

Trial for Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy : Ovid Trial Confirmation - Tulane University - ends Sept. 8, 2015

How to Request a Trial

Trials of new electronic resources can be arranged by contacting your Liaison Librarian or emailing your request to All trials are arranged and coordinated by the Rudolph Matas Library.

Please include the following information in your request:

Your email address:
Your school and status:

The electronic resource you would like to trial. Please provide as much information as you have (contact details, URL etc):

How important to your research and teaching this product is likely to be.
Any further relevant comments.

JoVE Science Education - Essentials of Genetics & Essentials of Cell Biology Trials: June - Dec 2015

Dear colleague, 

I’m writing to let you know that since your library subscribes to the JoVE Science Education video database, your institution has free access to the two newest modules, Essentials of Genetics and Essentials of Cell Biology, until December 31. 

Please feel free to share these innovative resources with your faculty and students. With JoVE, your faculty can:

  • Improve student engagement and performance in science courses
  • Save teachers' time and lab resources
  • Harness powerful visual media to strengthen core curricula

As a reminder, each JoVE Science Education module includes 15 unique videos describing fundamental concepts and laboratory methods for a specific field, and 75 peer-reviewed video articles that demonstrate application of these methods to actual research at leading academic institutions. Please inform your faculty so they can benefit from these resources. 


Fred Foster 
Director of Science Education Sales