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This site is intended to help researchers find the resources they need by providing links to article and image databases, library resources, Internet portals and other reference tools. It augments the Architecture Research Blog and Historic Preservation Research Guide developed by Dr. Keli Rylance at Tulane University Libraries. While this guide provides quick links to resources, the blog includes narrative examples of the ways in which these resources may be used to solve common research problems. Additionally, the blog provides citation models for images and text, as well as listings of current events and thematic issues.

All images included on this site are provided by the Southeastern Architectural Archive, Special Collections Division, Tulane University Libraries, unless otherwise indicated.

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Citing Sources

Citing sources properly is an essential component of sound research practice.  The following resources can facilitate the process:




Through 20 May 2015

The Southeastern Architectural Archive’s Bungalows exhibit is the first such to focus on Gulf Coast  vernacular bungalow and cottage architecture.  Issues of stylistic and typological adaptation, sustainability and climate-specific design are highlighted with the use of original architectural drawings, historic photographs, building trade catalogs, material samples and subdivision surveys. The focus of the exhibit is on regional innovation and adaptation.

Image above: William T. Comstock. Bungalows, Camps and Mountain Houses. New York: 1924.  Southeastern Architectural Archive, Special Collections Division, Tulane University Libraries.


Bungalow Brochures

Documents developed in conjunction with the Southeastern Architectural Archive's Bungalows exhibit.

Perspectival Drawing

A guide to perspectival drawing written by long-term Tulane School of Architecture faculty member Milton G. Scheuermann, Jr.  Titled "Perspective Drawing: A Practical Approach for Architects" (New Orleans: Tulane School of Architecture, c. 1965), the guide is a concise and thorough summary of the drafting process.  Includes instructions for one- and two-point perspectival drawing, diagrams, and short cuts. 


PDF Document below in three parts.

The Research Process

These are some helpful guides to conducting research related to history, architectural history, construction and visual design: 

Borden, Iain.  The Dissertation: An Architecture Student's Handbook.  Amsterdam & Boston: Architectural Press, 2006.  ARCH Reference NA2108.B67 2006

Cronon, William.  "Learning to Do Historical Research: A Primer." Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Fall 2008). Online at:

Fellows, Richard. Research Methods for Construction.  Oxford: Blackwell Science, 1997. Available for Tulane affiliates as an e-book through EBSCO.  Consult Tulane University's online catalog for link.

Groat, Linda N. Architectural Research Methods.  New York:  Wiley, 2002.  ARCH NA2000.G76 2002

Sanoff, Henry.  Visual Research Methods in Design.  New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1991.  ARCH NA2750.S25 1991

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Campus Tour

A brief guide to Tulane University's National Register campus.  It includes illustrations from the holdings of the Southeastern Architectural Archive, as well as a campus map.  Compiled by Keli Rylance in conjunction with the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Association of Architecture School Librarians. Revised August 2012.